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How to Installing Genymotion ?

1. Oracle VirtualBox Genymotion requires Oracle VirtualBox 4.1.1 or better. If you do not have VirtualBox installed, see the following: For Linux, check your repositories for VirtualBox and use your package installer to install it. If you cannot locate one, see Download VirtualBox for Linux Hosts for help.For Mac OS X, go to Download VirtualBox and get the Mac OS X .dmg file. Open the .dmg file and follow the installation steps. When finished, reboot.For Windows, Genymotion provides two installers: a ready-to-run installer that provides VirtualBox and a standard installer that does not. Genymotion recommends using the ready-to-run installer. If you want to manually install VirtualBox, go to Download VirtualBox and get the Windows .exe file. Open the .exe file and follow the installation steps. When finished, reboot.
2. Genymotion Cloud AccountIn order to download Genymotion and Genymotion virtual devices, you will need a Genymotion Cloud account. To sign up for an account, visithttps://…

What is Genymotion ?

Genymotion is a relatively fast Android emulator which comes with pre-configured Android (x86 with OpenGL hardware acceleration) images, suitable for application testing. The project has evolved from the old AndroidVM and comes with a new player design and installer.
Genymotion features: Easily download and run pre-configured virtual images: covering a range of Android versions from 2.x onwards, and various phone and tablet screen sizes.Networking: Ethernet (emulates WiFi connection)GPS (with configurable coordinates) and battery (with configurable battery levels) emulation widgets.Display: OpenGL hardware acceleration, multiscreen, full screen displayGenymotion shell which allows you to interact with your VM using a command lineADB supportEclipse and Android Studio pluginsSupports Linux, Windows and Mac."Drag&Drop" APK installs"Drag&Drop" Zip support for system updates/patches