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How to launch Android app from Dialer

Android give facility to developer and user to use a flexible and open-source platform. In Android, you can take permission for use of Dialer and also the Broadcast Receiver for listening something happened or not.

So, today I am sharing with you how to open Apps through Dialer. Dailing some predefine code | Number which opens our Application.

Here Some Java code which listening...

publicclassDialReceiverextendsBroadcastReceiver{@Overridepublicvoid onReceive(Context context,finalIntent intent){if(intent.getAction().equals(android.content.Intent.ACTION_NEW_OUTGOING_CALL)){String phoneNumber = intent.getExtras.getString("Intent.EXTRA_PHONE_NUMBER");if(phoneNumber.equals("*#588637#")){//do your stuff}