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Android ListView : Create Fancy ListViews

Note: I apologize to all diligent readers of this blog but I need to give a small reminder to those who have not read the two first articles of the ‘ListView Tips & Tricks’ series. I strongly suggest to all of them to look at the previous tips and tricks I have illustrated. Reading those posts is not mandatory but highly recommended as they may be mentioned here. Do not hesitate to learn more about emptiness handling and sectioning

Note: I do not know how many articles will be written in this series of tips and tricks about the ListView widget. In the second opus, I gathered all sample codes into a single repository on GitHub. This project will be augmented with each code I will be developing in this series. For instance, all of the code you will find in this page is already available in the ListViewTipsAndTricks project. You can clone/fork it at the following GitHub page:

In the previous article, we have learned how to section da…