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Android : Grid Spacing

Most user interfaces - on both mobile and web - are based on a notion of grids. Grids basically consist on splitting the user interface in a bunch of aligned squares that can be merged together to create blocks. Using the grid principle while designing UI helps aligning elements, brings consistency, cleans up the code, ensures users can easily parse the content of the UI, etc. In a nutshell, grids are an extremely powerful designing tool.
Using the grid principle generally requires developers to add some extra padding/margin/spacing (choose the name that best fits your style…) between elements. Indeed, adding spacing between elements helps maintaining a clear separation between blocs while still maintaining high level of readability of your UI. All Android developers are familiar with these concepts and most cases are actually solved by using framework features such as padding and/or margin on Views. In order to clearly isolate the logic from the UI, this is generally done in the XML d…