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Animation : App Polish

Often we complete the functional aspect of an Android project, and when it comes to adding some sparkle to the UI to really make it appealing to the user inspiration can be a little lacking. In this article we’ll start of with a really functional but boring app, and turn it in to something much more exciting.

Let’s start by having a quick look at the app in question. It is a simple ScrollView containing aTextView, which contains some rather boring text: With an app which is functionally quite simple and uninspiring, it’s often difficult to think of ways to liven things up for the user. First let’s consider our user. There have been numerous studies of user behaviour which have all concluded that users are both stupid and lazy. Therefore we can first look at how we can make our users’ lives easier. The only real interaction that the user has with our app is they are required to scroll down in order to read the content. That seems like something that we can improve upon. We can create a…